Into the Darkness Soundtrack 1-5

Fox Lee BackgroundThe sexy fast-paced tone of the novel Into the Darkness mirrors the heavy metal music that provided the backdrop to the writing of the book.

The following list is provided by author Fox Lee.  Many of these songs (and perhaps a craft beer and/or several mixed drinks) were the actual music that provided the pace and vibe for the book.

If you want to experience the book in full vitality, try reading it while listening to this music turned up until the windows rattle.



Orion  Metallica


Chapter 1 [The Birth of Zorn]

Deal with the Devil   Pop Evil

Mother  Danzig


Chapter 2: [Zorn and Hitler]

Wish   Nine Inch Nails

Aerials  System of a Down


Chapter 3: [Quinn and Hope at Joe's Bar]

Only in Dreams  Weezer

She’s Automatic  Rancid


Chapter 4: [Zorn in the Hole]

Send the Pain Below  Chevelle

Never, Never  Korn


Chapter 5: [Rheinhold]

Du Hast  Rammstein

Soulcrusher  Operator


Stay tuned for the next five chapters.  Any suggestions?



  • FoxLeeAuthor

    Just sent out notifications for the two winners from the Friends of Fox Lee mailing list that won the opportunity to pick one song each for two of the next five chapters. Congratulations Roger and Rhonda!