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Into the Darkness cover

Pain… Terror… Chaos.

Human suffering has augmented the power of the Dark Veil for thousands of years.  During times of extreme imbalance between the Dark Veil and the Shine, intensifications of the auras have resulted in powerful physical manifestations on Earth.

These events have been documented by human history in the forms of myths and stories. Most major human religions have recorded accounts of figures, such as Satan in the Christian religion, in order to explain these occurrences.  Now, the Dark Veil has spawned a powerful agent on Earth. Strengthened by the negative force generated during World War 2, He has assumed his most formidable form.

This time, there will be no stopping Him and his quest to cleanse the human world of sin.

The Legend of Shadow and Light is an epic tale about the rise of the agent of Dark Veil and the desperate response by the Order of the Shine to save humanity.

In Volume one, readers are taken ‘Into the Darkness’, as the Dark Veil’s spawn takes physical form and the world descends into despair. The Dark One builds a devastating Black Legion of the undead and the zombie apocalypse begins.

Can members of the Shine rally in time to prevent total destruction? The bodies of thousands of innocent residents from eight obliterated U.S. cities leave no reason for confidence.

Fans of horror, dark fantasy, suspense and historical fiction will all enjoy this hard-hitting, fast paced thrill ride.

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